Fuzzy Buddies Petsitting



We offer two types on in-home pet care visits. If you need boarding, you can contact us, and we can suggest a vet or other sitter in your area. 
  • Daily drop in visits – This is a 40 to 45 minute visit. This type of visit is ideal for individuals on vacation or who cannot get home to give food or medication to their pets. Dogs that do not have access to the outside usually require at least two visits a day. During a daily drop-in visit, we come to your home and can:
    • Feed your pet
    • Change their water
    • Do yard or litterbox clean up
    • Walk or play with your pet
    • Comb or brush or your pet
    • Give oral or injectable medications
    • Take trash to the curb on trash day
    • Pick up mail and newspapers and bring in deliveries
    • Rotate lights and blinds to give your home a lived in look
  • Mid-day or short dog walks – This is a 20 to 25 minute visit and is a short walk or let out only for your dog.  This is ideal for individuals who cannot get home during the day to walk their dog.

We charge based on time – we never charge extra for giving medications.  Additional services, such as medication and food pickups from the vet, may also be available. Contact us with your specific needs, and we will set up a free consultation and provide a quote.